Your relationship at its greatest potential can provide you with the greatest happiness in life. However, they can also facilitate great pain and distress; especially if pornography or sexual addiction is involved. Sometimes in your relationship, this pain and distress can be all you are able to see and leads you to a place of hopelessness. Learning the skills and communication necessary to develop a healthy relationship and repair the many injuries of the past that are effecting it can be a gut wrenching process. By now, you have most likely tried to give your whole heart to making your relationship work but with no avail. Whether it’s through marriage, family, or individual counseling or just reading some of my blog posts, my goal is to provide for you a safe place to develop the healthy relationship skills and communication you need, instill the hope back into your relationship, and if necessary, overcome pornography and sexual addiction so that your relationship can be more meaningful.

I hope to share some insight with many of you through my blog posts, but it does not replace the benefits of therapy. Because of the nature of our society, there is lot of reluctancy to seek help. Please, don’t be afraid to seek counseling. I believe it can greatly benefit your life. My hope is that those struggling with relationship distress and/or pornography and sexual addiction can seek the help that they need that we can’t always do for ourselves.

Individual Therapy  

I do individual therapy with those struggling in their current relationships, wanting to resolve past traumas, and dealing with sexual or other addictive behaviors. I also do therapy with those struggling with problematic behaviors or relationships that might be influenced by self-esteem issues,  family of origin issues, parental issues, etc. Much of the therapy I do is focused on helping individuals: confront and address painful realities about themselves and others in their life, feel empowered as individuals through self-acceptance and compassion, find peace with their past, and understand and accept core emotions and to learn how to deal with them in an effective way to help sustain lasting and healthy relationships. These are just a few of the many things I do with individuals.

Couple Therapy

I help couples who want to work on their communication skills, resolve conflicts, and learn how to negotiate differences better. In addition, I help couples to build stronger emotional bonds as well as increase and maintain a healthy relationship of emotional intimacy and trust. Anger, resentment, distrust, betrayal, emotional and sexual affairs, and many more…..often plague relationships and many feel there is no hope to save the relationship. However, if both partners are willing, couples can move past these problems and into a place of peace and understanding towards their partners and their relationship.

Family Therapy

I also see many families who are concerned with the future of their family and the behaviors or conflicts with one or more family members. I see families as a system where each individual has a part he or she plays in the system which influences the other members of the family. One of my main focuses in family therapy is to help each family member understand each individuals’ behaviors and how they impact the family as well as help them to develop stronger relationships of trust between parents and children.

Remote Therapy

Many of therapy sessions I do is over the internet, telephone, and other electronic means. I often do sessions over Skype with clients from various locations worldwide. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information on how this works and what this looks like.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

My rate for:

  • 50-55 minute sessions are $150

        Do you take insurance?

I am currently not on any insurance panels. However, you might want to check with your insurance company to see how much they will cover with “out-of-network providers.” Many insurance companies can pay up to 60-80% of the session depending on your plan.